Kim Ragsdale

Award winning western and folk art, including many 1st place and Best in Show awards. Growing up in Montana, Kim Ragsdale started to draw at the young age of five. She spent hours drawing horses and dogs that she saw in Western Horseman magazine. As she matured, she found that she could copy all the textures onto paper and make the drawings extremely photo realistic.




Mentored by her art teacher (a portrait artist) and taken under his instruction, helped Kim's fascination with the human face. The men of the west with their rugged appearance intrigued her, there were stories beneath all those lines and character built from the weathering that comes from working in harsh elements. She explains, " I learned to draw what I see, not what I know is there."​​


Kim now enjoys doing authentic commissioned projects for her clients, utilizing her drawing techniques using high-quality graphite in 19 differentiated degrees from especially soft to extra hard. She lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and when she is not drawing, Kim spends time hiking, cooking and enjoying her 14 grandchildren and two great grandsons. 



Waiting on the Boss med res.jpg

“Waitin’ on the Boss”