Kim Ragsdale

Award winning western and folk art, including many 1st place and Best in Show awards. Kim is the Publicity Director for The Upper Rogue Artists, an Associate Member of the Women Academy of Women Artists (AAWA), an Associate Member of national group "Women Artists of the West" (WAOW) and Member of Southern Oregon Society of Artists ( SOSA).


Ultra-realistic black and white drawings are done using high quality graphite in 19 differentiated degrees from especially soft to extra hard.

Growing up Kim Ragsdale conceptualized through real life experiences living as a child in Montana the customs of cowboys, their animals and all the action that surrounds that way of life. Kim started drawing when she was very young. Her love for animals began to emerge on paper, attempting to simulate the animals she loved from the magazines she read.

Mentored by her art teacher (a portrait artist) and taken under her instruction, helped Kim's fascination with the human face. The men of the west with their rugged appearance intrigued her, there were stories beneath all those lines and character built from the weathering that comes from working in harsh elements. She explains, " I learned to draw what I see, not what I know is there."

Commissioned portraits was Kim's extra income most of thirty years after graduating, and while working in retail clothing supervisor and later as a regional mall marketing director.

"Kim Ragsdale loves horses and people and looks for any opportunity to draw them or talk with them. Her art portrays her love for her subjects, and though she most often works from photographs, she captures something in the faces that doesn't show in the photo. There's an inner spiritual quality that comes through." - a quote from the article "Capturing the Moment", by author and artist Sandy Cathcart.

Kim now enjoys doing authentic commissioned projects for her clients', utilizing her drawing techniques.. She  lives in Southern Oregon with her husband in Merlin, Oregon and when she is not drawing, Kim enjoys spending time with her14 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren.