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The concept for this piece was inspired by a scene I witnessed at the Fall 2004 Retreat with the women of Trail Christian Fellowship. Chris Gates, the evening speaker, asked Sheri and another woman to come to the stage. They quietly came up, reverently bowed down and didn't move for many minutes. There was complete silence, then there were sounds of soft crying. Tears flowed and we experienced, without words or singing, the sweetest praise!

That image has stayed with me and as I was in prayer for guidance on which images to use for my art, this composition emerged.

I thank the Holy Spirit, Chris Gates and Sheri Godden for their contribution to this work. Most of all, thanks to the Creator who guides my hands to create for Him. To God be the Glory!

*Gicl'ee prints come with a notice of authenticity and are hand-signed. Most are "Open Editions," meaning there is no limit to the number of prints I can produce. I inspect each print to ensure the highest quality.

*Unframed printed on 100% cotton rag paper.

*Framed with old barnwood or black frame, double matted.

*Canvas gallery wrap - No Glass or Frame Needed! Each reproduction is produced using 100% pure pigment inks on a cotton/poly blend, fine weave artist's canvas. Finished with an archival vinyl that offer UV protection while making the canvas waterproof and resistant to scuffing.

*Limited Editions are hand-signed with an edition notation indicating how many prints of that image will be produced.

*Various Sizes

*Originals are framed and double matted with acid free mat board, museum mounted and put under non-glare glass. Photos of the originals in their frames can be emailed.

*Denotes Variations/ Some variations a limited and may not be available.

"Worship and Bow Down"

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