"Bonding" is of a border collie and his handler waiting for their turn at a cow dog competition. The handler, Bobby Becker, had bought the dog, Owen, a week before, and was gently talking to him. I introduced myself and asked what he had told his dog, and the handler just said, "I was bonding with him." So that is the name of the piece.

Gicl'ee prints come with a notice of authenticity and are hand-signed. Most are "Open Editions," meaning there is no limit to the number of prints I can produce. I inspect each print to ensure the highest quality. Limited Editions are hand-signed with an edition notation indicating how many prints of that image will be produced.All originals are framed and double matted with acid free mat board, museum mounted and put under non-glare glass. Photos of the originals in their frames can be emailed.