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Pricing Guidelines for Portraits

I have set a minimum price and size for commission portraits. With every commission there are certain elements required, regardless of the size of the portrait or the number of subjects being portrayed, such as computer time, purchasing of materials and phone time. Taking all that work into consideration, I have decided on a base price of:

  • $1000 for 12 x 16 piece of work with one subject.

  • $200 extra for each additional subject (including an animal).

  • $100 for partial background including fence, wall, gate or steps.

  • $200 full corner to corner background.

  • $2 per square inch additional over my minimum size 12 x 16.


Example: You want a 20 x 30 piece (600 sq. inches) with one subject. My base price is $1000 for a 12 x 16 (or 192 sq. inches). 600 - 192 = 408 sq. in. So your portrait would be $816 extra, making the total price for the portrait $1816.

Prices do NOT include matting, glass or framing. These things can be added into the contract.

Tips on Good Reference Photos


Example of No Background


Example of Partial Background

Make sure the subject(s) has a natural expression

  • Avoid eyes that are closed or too shadowed because of bright light. The eyes are the key to the expression of the portrait.

  • Try to get a photo of the subject in their "element," i.e. playing in the backyard, sitting in their favorite place, on or by their special animal.

  • Don't "pose" your subject.

  • If you have a photo, make sure it is clear and hopefully not smaller than 4" x 6."

  • I can use more than one photo for special circumstances. We can discuss it.

  • Don't be afraid to be informal - bare feet, untucked shirts, hair not perfect, etc.

  • I can do the photography if you are local, just ask.

Remember, I'm using these photos to get a feel for the personality, so make them as good as you can. The subject's expression will be immortalized in this work.


Example of Full Background

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