"Pieces of Summer" was a real labor of love. The idea was conceived when I was returning from a vacation in Arizona. It shows my then three-year-old son and my granddaughter sitting in a barn enjoying the sunshine. Their hands are putting together the puzzle. It's my western twist on the "deceive the eye" work of M.C. Ecsher. I used nine photos for reference and spent 210 hours on the detail.

Other sizes available, none smaller that 16 x 20 to keep the clarity of the detail.

Gicl'ee prints come with a notice of authenticity and are hand-signed. Most are "Open Editions," meaning there is no limit to the number of prints I can produce. I inspect each print to ensure the highest quality. Limited Editions are hand-signed with an edition notation indicating how many prints of that image will be produced.

"Pieces of Summer"